Tuesday, March 9, 2010

VaYakhel and P'kuday

Please take a look at a new blog just begun this week.
You can find it at http://parshakids.blogspot.com/
Its target audience is kids in 5th through 8th grades who are interested in what their peers are thinking about parshat hashavuah.

Big Ideas:
  • Studying Torah can create a Jewish lens through which to see the world
  • Every parasha has important ideas that learners can integrate into their worldview
  • One can apply critical thinking skills to study of Torah
  • Sharing ideas is a wonderful way to build understanding
Essential Questions:
  • How are the ideas in this parasha meaningful to you?
  • How do these ideas relate to your life?
  • In what way does using a Jewish lens impact the way you understand the world around you and interact with it?
Learning Activities:

  • There will be one or two statements of ideas from the parasha articulated on the blog
  • Participants will be invited to read the post, discuss the ideas with a friend or in class (optional), and post their own thoughts in the comments section of the blog.
  • Learners can read the thoughts of others and react to them by posting comments
  • Participation on a regular basis will be a marker of engagement
  • Teachers will read the posts and comments and may use them in class discussions
I encourage you to try this out with your students if they are in the appropriate grades.  I will be reading the comments before posting them publicly to avoid inappropriate language.  

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