Monday, October 11, 2010

Lech Lecha

A month's, no a year's, no again - a lifetime curriculum could certainly be built around this week's parasha, and if you are studying Torah according to the weekly schedule you surely have to pick and choose - especially since you probably have only a short time with the text.

Will you choose the challenge of deciding whether the voice you hear commanding you is the one you should follow? (Gen 12:1)

  • How does Abram know who is talking to him?  
  • How do you know what voices to follow in your own life?)

Will it be the challenge of leaving behind everything you know to follow what you believe to be the instructions of God?  (12:1 - 4)

  • Did someone in your family ever leave everything behind to start 'fresh'?  
  • How is moving today different than it was 100 years ago?  1000 years ago?  in the time of Abram?

Will it be the adjustment to a strange new place? (most of the parasha)

  • What new places have you adjusted to in your life?  
  • What has helped you adjust?
  • What has stood in your way?

Will it be survival in the face of threat to your safety?  (12:11 - 20)

  • Is there such a thing as a "white lie"?
  • Does telling the truth always trump everything?

So many questions, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.
Be sure to look at last year's post by clicking on "Lech Lecha" in the "Labels" column on the right.  Some of the links may no longer be active - but you can still hear Kum v'Hitalech Ba'Aretz at the link provided.

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