Wednesday, April 13, 2011

For the Seder this year

How can we NOT mention what is going on in the Middle East at our Seder table this year? But what should we say?
Here's what I will say at our Seder -
If our Passover story is about freedom from the Egyptian tyranny, how can we ignore what is happening in Egypt now? On the surface the stories are similar. There has been an oppressive ruler, a tyrant, a 'Pharaoh' even who has been ruling the Egyptian people for 40 years (ok, not 400, but a long time nevertheless.). He has been overthrown by people who wish to be free of his control. So far, so good.
But now we read that the army, which is now in control, is beginning to act much the same way. Already, according to the news reports, they have arrested a blogger deemed opposed to the ruling powers .
So what is the fundamental issue? We were redeemed from Egypt not just to be free from, but to be free to - to become a people devoted to God.
Freedom 'from' is one thing. Freedom 'to' is quite another.

Hag sameach

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  1. pesach is a time of the year that jews all over the world get together celebrate and commemorate our freedom from slavery. we became one nation and a nation we are now in israel. what goes on in egypt has nothing to do with us except for the worry that the islamic brotherhood will take over and cross the border. keep this in mind when you are breaking the matzah on pesach